New year new plans!

Hey everyone, I know we haven't posted anything since we opened but its been a pretty hectic year. Getting acclimated to our new space has been a handful to say the least. However, it looks like our growing pains are behind us and we are ready to tackle this new year into vegan submission! We have some amazing things planned this year. On top of helping people with their wedding catering needs Chef Matt and myself are planning on doing a few classes this year as well as a few beer dinners! The first class "How to go plant based" sold out in just 5 hours! In the works we have "how to vegan meal prep" and "how to make faux meat". As far as beer dinners, our first will be with Lenny Boy Brewing. They have been a great partner over the years as we have promoted their products and they have promoted ours. We love Townes and the whole staff at Lenny Boy. That dinner will be taking place March 18th. We still have a few spots left so give us a call and reserve your space today! So to sum up, be on the look out for amazing classes and special dinners this year and join us for what will be an awesome time! Thank you

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