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Whats going on everyone! Been a busy couple weeks here at FERN. Matt, Brendan and myself killed it at the Girls On The Run event down at The Westin this week. Again, Matt did an amazing job being the auctioneer and drew in so much money for the event. He even auctioned off a private event featuring Littlespoon and ourselves, teaming up to make some dreams happen at a private dinner hosted by us. Last Sunday marked our first beer dinner at the new location and our 4th beer dinner with our friends at the Lenny Boy Brewing company. It was an AMAZING night. We had some laughs and we had some fun, it was everything we were hoping for. As for the foreseeable future we have some AMAZING events coming up! For the third year in a row FERN will be serving some delicious items down at the Evening At The Courthouse. An event hosted by the Justice Initiative consisting of some really great, local restaurants and a auction at the end of the night. In May we are going home to our roots and will be participating in the Plaza Midwood Home Tour. A chance to tour the historic and modern homes that bring eclectic Plaza Midwood to life. Following that we will be Hosting two dinners. One with our friends at Olde Mecklenburg Brewing and the other with local liquor provider Doc Porter's. As soon as we solidify they menu's we will post them and start taking reservations. But keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook accounts for all the little things we will be doing in the interim. As always thanks for checking us out and the love and positivity you all show every time you come and visit. Have a wonderful day!

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